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  • Within the soul of every child lies the wealth of untold treasures. These are treasures which everyone of us-especially educators-must make every effort to unlock. St Dominics Chishawasha has, in many ways, made this effort.
    However, it is in the publication of its school magazine-the first since the school was established in 1898-that has provided the finest example of this effort.
    Named Bliss Magazine, this landmark publication is entirely a product of the students. They were responsible for its design, the research as well as much of its publication. The costs of publication proved to be the biggest challenge. As much as we are offering this first edition for free, we will need assistance towards future publications.
    We are therefore appealing to parents, corporates and other stakeholders to come aboard as we prepare for forthcoming publications. Corporates will have the advantage of having their products and services advertised. All other contributions will be publicly acknowledged. We especially ask former students and parents of such students to stand by us as we seek to make this venture an annual event.
    Let us join together in unlocking those treasures within our children.

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St Dominics Chishawasha Launched a new magazine called Bliss Magazine@yaprecia_de -10 Oct 2015 10:15 AM